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O.T.M. fonctionne comme une plateforme de compétences en logistique pour ses membres.
Ces compétences sont utilisées et coordonnées au maximum et ceci à divers niveaux.
Pour ses membres, O.T.M. est en quelque sorte le helpdesk des activités ciblées et
des formations spécifiques.

Pourquoi devenir membre!

Si vous, ou votre société, recherchez à vous faire entendre dans le cadre de divers dossiers importants, y compris impliquant les pouvoirs publics, sans sacrifier du temps ou de l'argent, alors devenir membre de l'O.T.M. est pour vous incontournable.
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Brussels Update septembre 2013

ESC Brussels update, septembre 20h, 2013


Inside this ISSUE:

  • ESC secures special offer for its members
  • Asian Shippers Council quits GSF for diluting its vote
  • IMO proposal on Safety of containers at sea to hamper flows of goods in global supply chain without addressing the root causes
  • Asian and European Shippers call for rejection of the present IMO proposals
  • Inputs by shippers disregarded in mandatory weighing compromise to be reached in IMO
  • Mandatory Container Weighing: Coalition Opposes Draft IMO Rule
  • The IMO is discussing a draft amendment that will make mandatory a certified process for the verification of the weight of every loaded container.
  • Asian shippers reject forced box weigh-ins, costs/benefits don’t add up
  • Maritime Transport Council
  • EMS Cross-Border: let subsidiarity and innovation prevail!
  • Rates off 10pc on A-E
  • Major carriers announce rate increases for September and October
  • Asia, Europe shippers reject IMO plans on container weighing
  • ITF urges action over container weights
  • UIRR promotes ILU Code and requests ESC support
  • Container Weight Proposal Ineffective
  • Intermodal Europe, shippers’ corner
  • Shippers’ pannel during Intermodal Europe 2013
  • Finnish industry wants tax breaks to compensate sulphur directive
  • P3 Alliances Promises Work for “the Common Good”
  • A burning issue: boxship fires and overweight containers
  • GRI on Asia/Europe trade unsuccessful
  • BIMCO calls on IMO to approve mandate container weight verification
  • Shipping industry urges Imo to act on container weight verification
  • Why size matters
  • MSC’s move to all in rates an ominous sign for carriers?
  • All-water routes fail to bring high volumes to US east coast as forecast
  • Hapag-Lloyd to levy ‘Elsewhere Handling’ US$100 fee in South Africa
  • World fleet of idle vessels sinks to lowest level since October 2011
  • No-shows still a problem for box lines
  • Asia-Europe rate slides to US$1,334/TEU – Transpac slips to $1,942/FEU
  • P3 cost-focused like other alliances, difference is scale
  • Commoditizing the transport of freight
  • Shippers up in arms as air cargo carriers shift the goalposts on fuel surcharges
  • Avoid New York-New Jersey for delays, Hapag-Lloyd advises shippers
  • CSCL, Zim enhance Asia-Europe service with new calls, adds bigger ships
  • Please log in as OTM member and see the full content in the ESC Brussels Update September 2013 icon Brussels Update September 2013 (362.17 kB)

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