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Belangenorganisatie logistiek - handel en industrie

O.T.M. staat voor Organisatie van Traffic Managers. Zij is de enige organisatie die de
belangen verdedigt van de Verladers, zijnde de bedrijven die voor het vervoer van hun
producten gebruik maken van eigen vervoer of van transportbedrijven.

ESC Brussels Update December 2013

ESC BrusselsUpdate


Table of contents

• Single Wagon Load – a stakeholder seminar held on 15/11/2013
• 1st ESSF Meeting
• Letter to the TRAN Committee
• P3 will kill off smaller players
• EU sees making rate hikes public as tacit anti-competitive collusion
• Joint Statement ASM/ESC – Thailand 24 November 2013
• World's largest shippers' organisations unite further
• 8 carriers cut Far East-WCSA capacity 20pc merging joint loops in winter
• Asian Shippers Council fears the worst from the P3 tie-up
• FMC invites comments on P3 Network
• Valencia stevedores accused of being overpaid
• Federal Maritime Commission invites more P3 comments
• CI poll shows shippers expect P3 will mean better service, stable pricing
• Regulation on the MRV of CO2 emissions from maritime transport
• New EMS Brochure
• Port of Los Angeles offers incentive to shippers
• P3 says it will deploy 19,200-TEUers in US trades within a decade
• P3 to eschew slow steaming, keep rivals on toes
• Maersk four rate rises fail to spread as demand falls
• CMA CGM and SAP to develop 'first IT system for container shipping'
• China Shipowners Association: P3 massive scale risks unfair competition
• Transport of empty containers a thing of the past
• Slow steaming absorbs 1.27 million TEU excess capacity in October
• P3 plans to add only modest capacity to key trade lanes
• P3 leaves door open for competitors
• P3 membership in legal non-EU cartels said to imply illegal behaviour
• Box weigh-ins needed, but no one technical solution fits all

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