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O.T.M. staat voor Organisatie van Traffic Managers. Zij is de enige organisatie die de
belangen verdedigt van de Verladers, zijnde de bedrijven die voor het vervoer van hun
producten gebruik maken van eigen vervoer of van transportbedrijven.

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Daarom wordt u lid!

Wil U of uw bedrijf ook gehoord worden in belangrijke overheids- en andere dossiers, zonder daar individueel tijd en financiën te moeten voor aanwenden, dan is lidmaatschap van O.T.M. een must.

O.T.M. is uw spreekbuis.

Hoe groter O.T.M. wordt, des te krachtiger klinkt uw stem als verlader.

Stel uw vragen aan onze experts!

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Werk zelf actief mee!
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UCC update and challenges

europeanparliamentSource: EP - 19/01/17

On 19 January, the European Parliament (EP) adopted a resolution on tackling the challenges of the Union Customs Code implementation (2016/3024(RSP)).
This resolution was drafted with a view to obtain greater clarity from the Commission on the technical complexity of customs legislation and the Parliament’s view that the Commission needs to improve the implementation of the UCC in order to overcome issues experienced by Member States and Trade.

The different Trade Organizations are pleased that the European Parliament adopted and expressed a strong request to the Commission to improve their collaboration with the experts on the field, the economic operators.
However the resolution missed the opportunity to request for innovative and future-oriented solutions.

DOW EMEA is involved, participating and closely following up on this (through CEFIC) by participating in the different work groups the commission started to have the appropriate IT infrastructure(s) in place..

Let’s hope this helps to pave the way for and EU Centralized clearance system and single window system.

Link to: resolution European Parliament - challenges UCC


The UCC entered into force on 1 May 2016, and will apply provisionally until 31 December 2020, the date by which all Member States must have their IT infrastructure ready to support the electronic flow of customs data.

Summary of the resolution

• EP asks the Commission (and the Member States) to come up with a clear, coherent and ambitious strategy and timeline to ensure that elements needed to implement the UCC are properly included in the legislation.
• EP asks to cooperate closely with economic operators at every stage of development of the UCC implementation, as well as the process of amending the UCC delegated acts.
• The resolution also reminds the Commission of the EU’s commitment to ease the flow of goods across borders, reducing trade costs at borders and enhancing the effective cooperation among Members on trade facilitation and customs compliance issues.
• Calls for an interim report by 2017 from the Commission thoroughly evaluating EU customs policy and a fitness check by 2021 (including an impact assessment)


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