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Belangenorganisatie logistiek - handel en industrie

O.T.M. staat voor Organisatie van Traffic Managers. Zij is de enige organisatie die de
belangen verdedigt van de Verladers, zijnde de bedrijven die voor het vervoer van hun
producten gebruik maken van eigen vervoer of van transportbedrijven.

Overzicht - Logistiek werkveld

Daarom wordt u lid!

Wil U of uw bedrijf ook gehoord worden in belangrijke overheids- en andere dossiers, zonder daar individueel tijd en financiën te moeten voor aanwenden, dan is lidmaatschap van O.T.M. een must.

O.T.M. is uw spreekbuis.

Hoe groter O.T.M. wordt, des te krachtiger klinkt uw stem als verlader.

Stel uw vragen aan onze experts!

Haal kennis binnen via onze nieuwsbrief!

Werk zelf actief mee!
Contacteer ons via info@otmbe.org

Tiger Project

The Tiger Project partners with the European Commission support are pleased to invite You to the Tiger Annual conference:
" the european ports leading role in developing rail freight industrialized hinterland distribution chains". to be held on Tuesday November 23rd 2010 in Brussels.
The Tiger project is co-funded by the EU FP7th program. It started in Oc tober 2009 with the objective of promoting new operative solutions for avoiding congestion in European ports. New generation containers vessels have introduced into the world maritime routes a new gigantic dimension whereas the overland infrastructures have not changed. It is therefore imperative to exploit the existing overland carrying capacity at its maximum potential. The co-modality approach integrating Sea - Rail- Road –and Inland Waterways is the correct answer. In particular Rail Intermodality can deliver a far better performance by industrializing its production processes between the Ports and the Hinterland Dry ports, Mega hubs and Terminals.
The Conference focus, incorporating the official presentation of the " Report on CTS Maritime Traffic Projections 2015-2020 North and South Range" is to promote an open debate at European level on the most suitable and innovative freight mobility solutions to be adopted in the coming years and thereafter.
A detailed Provisional Agenda, Formal invitation letter, Registration form, Hotels indications and other documents/information on this event can be discharged from the Tiger project website link www.tigerproject.eu
The Provisional Agenda will be updated and uploaded regularly on the website link incorporating the missing details and names of speakers during the approaching weeks to the Conference date.
The participation to this conference is FREE OF CHARGE.

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